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Chaka Bookshop store In Nairobi, Contact Number & Location Address Kenya

Are you looking for Chaka Bookshop store in Nairobi? We have written this guide to help you find Chaka Bookshop store in Kenya.

If you are searching for Chaka Bookshop for the latest books and stationery, then this article will be of great help since it was written for Chaka Bookshop customers.

For most Chaka Bookshop users, you may be wondering where to find the store in Nairobi or any part of Kenya.

If that is the case, then you should not worry as this will be of great help to you.

Please note that this Chaka Bookshop guide is only for Nairobi.

If you need assistance for other areas in Nairobi or even Kenya, then check other sections of this website.

Note also that we try as much as possible to provide the nearest Chaka Bookshop store to Nairobi.

You may not find the store in the town, but it is located as close to Nairobi as possible.

Again, we will show you the Chaka Bookshop location address, phone contact number, email address, WhatsApp number, official website, and certified social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Without wasting much of your precious time, let us show you where you can find the Chaka Bookshop main store in Nairobi.

Chaka Bookshop store Location In Nairobi

Here is the Chaka Bookshop store location address in Nairobi: Charles Rubia Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.

That is where you can find Chaka Bookshop.

You can use Google Maps to confirm the location address or even call the Chaka Bookshop official phone number before going to the store.

Please note that it is highly advisable to call the Chaka Bookshop customer care contact number before going to the Nairobi store, especially if it is your first time.

Though the Chaka Bookshop store is located at Charles Rubia Rd, Nairobi, Kenya, the store location might change without prior notification.

Also, note that this is different from the head office address.

That is why we strongly advise that you call the store if you have not visited the place before.

What Is The Chaka Bookshop Nairobi store Phone Number?

Are you looking for the Chaka Bookshop Phone number for Nairobi?

This section of the guide will show you the phone number to contact Chaka Bookshop in Nairobi.

If you want to contact Chaka Bookshop in Nairobi, please call this phone number: +254 715 659299.

Note also that this is an office contact number which may be changed without notice.

If you are not in Nairobi and want to contact the headquarters, the Chaka Bookshop Kenya Head office contact number is +254 715 659299.

Make sure you call the customer care contact number during working hours.

If you need to chat with Chaka Bookshop Kenya, here is the WhatsApp number: +254 715 659299.

You can visit the official Chaka Bookshop website for the latest update, or you can even bookmark this page for the latest update on the contacts.

If you are not able to contact the Chaka Bookshop store in Nairobi, you can send them an email.

What Is The Chaka Bookshop Official Email Address?

For those looking for the Chaka Bookshop bookstore in Nairobi, you can visit the location address here: Charles Rubia Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.

Also, you can call this phone number: +254 715 659299.

However, if you want to send them an email, then the official Chaka Bookshop Kenya email address.

Please note that the email address is for all Chaka Bookshop Kenya branches and is not limited to only Nairobi.

How To Contact Chaka Bookshop Kenya Online

There are various ways you can contact the Chaka Bookshop Nairobi customer service online.

Either you visit their website or use any of the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.)

Below are the social media pages you can contact the Chaka Bookshop Nairobi support team for help:

WhatsApp: +254 715 659299


Now you know the various ways you can contact Chaka Bookshop in Nairobi.

Here is a summary of the Chaka Bookshop contact details:

Chaka Bookshop Phone Number: +254 715 659299

Bookstore Address: Charles Rubia Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

WhatsApp Number: +254 715 659299

That is all you need to know about contacting the Nairobi store.