Archer Jockers Services

Services for individual writers and the book industry:

The above services are available for individuals, agents, or editors.

We also offer bespoke projects for publishers, agents, and other books businesses, including editor profiles, list analysis, acquisition recommendations, genre studies, and historical trend analysis. Please contact us directly for information.

Feedback on our services:

“Thank you both for the unique insight into my manuscript. . . The 1-2-1 conference today with Jodie was one of the most productive hours of my writing life.” —Gail Egan

“I just wanted to say thank you for your insightful and inspirational analysis of my story, Time Fluke.

Thank you also for the excellent marketing advice. You two make the perfect team.” —Talmage Moorehead

“As I’m looking at this report, I’m blown away … it’s so thorough, and I’m thrilled … I think fiction authors will be thrilled by the service because it offers some things that a developmental editor wouldn’t be able to see … the algorithm is doing some very sophisticated stuff that I don’t think a human would pick up on.

The plot shape of the graph in the author’s report is amazing. I do see my book there.

Thank you.” —Kelton Reid, author, and host of The Writer Files podcast.

“We all think we have a feel for language, character, and narrative structure but to see these elements graphically exposed is a revelation.

If you are writing for the market, the Archer/Jockers algorithm knows what’s required.

It provides the sound foundation on which you can build your castle in the air.” —Stephen Whitehead, author of The Last Bronte

“Matt and Jodie provided me with detailed feedback on many aspects of my novel draft, including character, plot, style, and thematic makeup.

I learned a great deal from their feedback letter and from the video conference.

Now I have the information I need to complete a revision of my novel.

I highly recommend Archer Jockers!” —Christina LaRose.

“Archer Jockers provided excellent analysis for my novel currently undergoing editing for publication.

I was thrilled to see the work analyzed using a quantitative method benchmarking it against bestsellers.

The result was very helpful insight and advice I’m certain will have a dramatic impact on the published novel’s quality and appeal.” —Craig DiLouie, author.

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